This is embarrassing for Quirky. Last week, Quirky protested in front of the Oxo offices (just a few blocks away from each other on Manhattan’s west side) about Oxo stealing a dustpan idea from one of Quirky’s independent designers named Bill Ward. The event was spread in photos and video across the internet and for a while at least, Quirky looked like it was the great, small, company that supported independent artists.

And then came Oxo’s response, which more or less put Quirky in its place.

Oxo’s level-headed response came in the form of example after example of how not only did Quirky designers borrow from Oxo’s own inventory but also from the past ideas of already patented products. And honestly, almost none of Quirky’s ideas are original all by themselves (which Oxo also goes on to demonstrate).

Overall, Oxo isn’t too mad. They just don’t want to be called out for something that Quirky is actively participating in. It’s a weird world of copy and paste, but if you can make a better product, then make a better product and let the consumer decide. This is one case where rooting for the underdog/smaller company actually leaves a bad taste in your mouth.