I was commenting on this transition just the other day to a friend. It seems lately that VICE has all but dropped their former adolescent vibe and grown up to be a remarkable storytelling and journalistic company. One look at the past year or so’s reporting from VICE and you’ll see that the company has gone to great lengths to source out original stories and send reporters right into the heart of it all to get the raw bits and package it in such a way that still retains its raw material while also pushing forward great journalism.

It’s not what you’ll see printed in The New York Times but it is important — and weird at times — and that alone seems to be what’s driving VICE.

HBO has caught onto this great work and is producing a series called VICE that talks about how VICE has changed over the years from amateur storyteller to credible news source.

Catch it on HBO this April 5th at 11PM. The trailer is below.


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