I’ve never heard of this bird before today, but it seems quite remarkable as a living species looking out for its other bird friends. The Social Weaver is a small bird which builds elaborate nests on poles in its Southern African habitat. These nests, shown here in this post, are often enormous and for good reason. The Social Weaver’s nest is so big that it often houses other birds from the environment, hence the name of the bird.

Photographer Dillon Marsh has some neat photos of the nests constructed by these birds. I made some selects below.

social-weaver-nests-dillon-marsh-06 social-weaver-nests-dillon-marsh-03 social-weaver-nests-dillon-marsh-04 social-weaver-nests-dillon-marsh-01 social-weaver-nests-dillon-marsh-02

social-weaver-nests-dillon-marsh-05 social-weaver-nests-dillon-marsh-08 social-weaver-nests-dillon-marsh-07 social-weaver-nests-dillon-marsh-09