I’ve seen these day-glo posters all around LA and even occassionally outside of LA but never knew that they actually had a particular name. They’re known as Colby Posters. The name comes from the famous family-run print shop in LA called The Colby Poster Printing Co.¬†which has been in business for over 66 years. They basically made this day-glo and bold text look famous with their posters for various individuals which were then plastered all around LA and captured forever in photographs (either by accident as background subjects or purposefully as works of art worth taking note of). They’ve become iconic as works of art originating from Los Angeles, and for me, seeing anything even resembling the looks of these posters makes me think of sunny California right away.

It’s Nice That has some images from the joint Anthony Burrill show at the KK Outlet which showcased a large number of prints direct from the Colby Poster Printing Co.’s archives.

designboom has some more images from a show called In The Good Name Of The Company.

And finally, check out the entire Anthony Burrill photos on Flickr. They are bright and wonderful. :)

More photos inside if you want to see!

the colby poster-05 the colby poster-04 the colby poster-03 the colby poster-02