This Reddit thread makes me proud to be Asian-American. What started off as a would-be knock at a local Chinese restaurant by the original poster turned out to be quite an enlightening debate about child labor and what that actually means when it comes to different cultures.

I know for me, growing up in an Asian household meant working — for free most of the time — at my parents store. Sure it wasn’t fun all the time, but for the most part, it wasn’t terrible. And as I look back at it, I learned quite a lot and gained quite a lot of experience doing that ever since I was 12.

If you read the whole thread (which has gotten quite lengthy after just a few hours), you will realize that outside of traditional Western culture, this sort of familial understanding of the children lending a hand in family businesses is quite common, and dare I say at times, well-received. Never quite thought of it so deeply. Read up here.