I don’t eat a lot of ice cream normally, but today I had some at a good spot in LA which then made me think of a place very familiar back at home in NYC. If you don’t recognize the whiteboard above, let me fill you in: That’s Chinatown’s Chinatown Ice Cream Factory, a staple of any NYC food tour and one of my all-time favorite places in the city. I often crave ice cream specifically from this place because it reminds me of home. I basically grew up eating it (from my days at Chinese school just around the corner to now when I’m 3000 miles away in LA). Every time I make it back to NYC, I make sure to stop in here because I can count on this place having my favorite flavors — pistachio, black sesame, and even vanilla — not to mention being surprised by a few new flavors like Don Tot/Egg Custard (which I fully approve of by the way!).

Over the years I’ve seen plenty of faces come and go from this place but the ice cream remains the same. Delicious, creamy, and handmade in the shop. While I may have found other good places to eat and dine in NYC over the years, no place yet has been able to unseat Chinatown Ice Cream Factory as my go-to ice cream spot (I was recently reminded of this fact when I brought a friend from Australia around to my favorite NYC food spots). The only question I have is…when is blueberry cheesecake coming back?!

Check out the full menu with photos over at Yelp and make sure you ask to try the flavors the next time you’re there!