Here’s a very long read from The Atlantic about the actual low worth of diamonds as a precious stone and the incredible marketing campaign put on by De Beers worldwide to make people believe that diamonds were actually worth a heck of a lot more than the stones sitting outside on the sidewalk. If there ever was something the world seemed to be fooled by, it’s this. Diamonds aren’t actually worth anything, and if you’ve ever tried to sell a diamond to reap back its worth, well, you’ll be surprised to know that it hardly ever fetches the amount you think it holds. It’s only worth something because a giant multi-national conglomerate of diamond-owning companies has told you that it is. And basically, if it’s not this giant corporation selling you the diamond, then your diamond is worth zilch.

If you’re holding onto a precious diamond in your collection it might be a good time to shop that diamond around to see if it’s really worth what you think or were told it is worth. You might be surprised by the answer.