When I was in photo school my favorite camera was the 4×5. It’s not often people’s favorite shooting camera because of its size, weight, and relative slow picture-making speed. But for me, it was amazing. To be able to shoot on film that was the size of my palm and see the rich colors come together after meticulously taking the time to meter the light, play with the bellows, etc. Man, it was just everything I loved about photography.

But I never really shot with it after college because of several reasons: 1) I didn’t own one; 2) for an old camera, they were still quite expensive; 3) shooting film was expensive, and before I had a job right out of college, this was not a good option for me.

With this Travelwide camera though, it looks like there’s finally a decent and affordable option for shooting with a 4×5. For just $100, this gets you the camera that can be fitted with any Schneider Angulon lens.

I love this idea, but missed out on the Kickstarter project. It’s fully funded though, so hopefully this becomes a normal product for sale in the future.

ᔥ booooooom