This is a phenomenon that I just finished reading about in The Great Inversion, and now The LA Times is basically reporting the same findings. Poor people are increasingly moving into the suburbs while rich folks are moving into urban centers. There is no single reason that can be given for the change but rather a series of factors which has quickly turned the traditional idea of “white flight” into a thing of the past in many areas.

With a younger generation growing up in a world that sees the car as a non-sustainable mode of transportation, property values in suburbs taking a nose-drive, and an ever-increasing cost of living very far from where one works, the thought of settling down in a community of ALL HOMES is daunting to say the least. Cities are also where cultures and activities thrive and if you can live, play, and work in one central location all within biking or walking distance, what isn’t there to love about it?

It’s important to note though that just because there is more poverty in suburbs doesn’t mean there is less poverty in cities. Both now house a large population of lower-income individuals, but the argument can be made that the poor in cities are at least to some degree better off than those in the suburbs.