I’m trying to help some of you weed out the garbage from the actual deals, and here’s one that you shouldn’t pass up: The GoPro HERO3 Black: Surf Edition┬áis only $239.99 right now.

A few things to consider here: Yes, there is a GoPro Hero3+ out now. But from a video and picture-taking standpoint, it’s not much of an upgrade from this previous generation one. I own a Silver Edition GoPro Hero3 and it is THE BEST. I love it. I have no complaints about it. The BLACK EDITION (which is the one on sale right now) is even better than my Silver edition. It shoots higher quality video, it takes bursts of images quicker, and it’s better in low-light conditions. The only reason why I never bought the BLACK EDITION is because at the time it was too expensive.

But now, this deal cannot be beat.

What’s the “Surf Edition”? It’s just the mounts that it comes pre-packaged with. It’s not a deal breaker, especially since you can buy whatever mount system you want for the camera regardless of the camera version you bought. Seriously, this is a fantastic deal and one that you do not want to pass up or have sell out before you get your taste.