I’ve had the pleasure the last few weeks of breaking in a pair of Red Wing Heritage 875 6-inch boots. This boot is one of 2 styles currently offered by Red Wing (the other is the 877) that reaches back into their footwear-making roots to bring back one of their signature original styles with Oro Legacy Leather.

These boots are pretty spectacular. I wanted to wait a few weeks before I wrote anything about them because I’ve heard that these boots take a while to break in and that they would be a snug fit at first, only to loosen up to their real size with continuous wear. And sure enough, that’s exactly what happened.

After 3 weeks of wearing these boots day in and day out, what started off as a tight boot has really grown and stretched to the shape of my foot.  Upon taking these shoes out of the box, I was just amazed at how beautiful the Oro Legacy Leather was. It was a sort of bright orange-ish/red color that just looked gorgeous in the daylight. As I continued to wear these, the orange color turned a bit darker to reveal a more mature burgundy/brown color which I am really liking a lot.

If you were like me and are second-guessing whether or not to size down from your sneaker size, just do it. After a week or so, the boot will mold to your foot and offer a comfortable fit. If you’re looking for a stylish, classic boot that is well worn and tested, then these Red Wings are a good investment. I mean, after all, a company doesn’t stay around making the same product for over 100 years if it sucks. These things are solid. Highly endorsed from our end!

A couple of more photos inside if you care to take a look. And of course, I’ll be updating over time as these continue to change and be worn.


red-wind-heritage-boots-03 red-wind-heritage-boots-02