Ok, so truth be told, this isn’t a photo of The High Line. It’s actually part of the LIRR track that bends through a part of Long Island City. It’s not the prettiest part of town (certainly not the busiest!) but here lies a part of NYC not yet gentrified, and this is where you can still get a sense of what Manhattan’s High Line used to be like before plans of The High Line Park ever came to be.

For those of us who had the pleasure of venturing onto The High Line back in the day, this place in LIC will instantly bring you back, back to that moment when you realized you were slightly above the rest of the world amidst track overgrowth on all sides. It’s really nice to just walk over the LIRR active tracks, the roadways, and the Subway tracks below. Not sure if this will ever become anything more than just an abandoned trackway, but for now, it’s a nice quiet place to be.