Funny thing about this place: I actually stumbled upon this back in 2008 or 2009 (I forget exactly) when I was walking around the industrial parts of Long Island City to finish up my senior thesis at Parsons. I didn’t know that these blue bogies were abandoned by the LIRR (or rather, just left unused). These bogies were easy ways for the LIRR to make some money moving freight around because it allowed truck trailers to be placed on top of them as train cars themselves.

I guess the LIRR soon realized that it’s cheaper and probably faster to just truck a container to/from LI, NJ, PA than it is to fill up a whole train of these and move them all at once. Still, it’s pretty neat to come back here after all these years and still see that they’ve been pretty much left unchanged — rotting away in the weather.

By the way, great views of LIC from here. Not super high up, but high enough to get a good view of the surrounding neighborhood and buildings.