Somehow I missed the news of LA installing a buffered bike lane through the 2nd Street tunnel in DTLA. This is a godsend for anybody who knows what it was like to bike through this tunnel before the bike lane installation. It was a risk beyond risk and all you wanted to do was bolt through it in hopes that you might decrease your chances of being sideswiped by a car speeding its way through.

And in a recent article from The LA Times┬áit seems the bike lanes are doing well for cyclists but causing havoc for motorists as the city just doesn’t have the alternative transportation infrastructure to properly encourage traveling in anything but a motor vehicle. It really sucks because in an ideal situation, LA would be the most awesome place to ride your bike. So much expanse and so much to see, but just unfortunately developed some time ago to be the best for cars only. Slowly though, it’s changing, and that’s a great thing.