I use this amazing Chrome browser extension called OneTab that really makes loading and start-up time in Chrome a pleasant experience. The problem with this however is that when I fall behind on posting (as I tend to do on a regular basis), I simply hit the OneTab button and all of my currently opened tabs go into a saved list. Out of sight, and out of mind, right? Well, usually, yes, but lately this list has piled up into an enormous monster that faces me every day. And so, just like declaring email bankruptcy, I’m declaring browser tab bankruptcy right now and simply listing the links I’ve currently got open so I can start new. Enjoy! Take this as a rare glimpse into how I save links forever and ever.

Thanks for the Sun Series of colour-changing lamps by Arnout Meijer

Is sugar the new Cigarettes? Documentary called Fed-Up thinks so.

Official Heisenberg hat from Goorin Bros.

Brand-new Eugene Select sunglasses from Shwood!

Glass table-top with levitating balloons.

London Deco book.

Watch this documentary about men who dress up like blow-up dolls.

Amazing research into the history of the meme doge.

How to escape from a subway tunnel.

Have you tried the new Chrome web apps yet? One of them allows you to screenshare your computer with barely any setup. And amazingly, it’s all done through the Chrome browser.

New windows and elevators expected at Michigan Central Station.

The abandoned North Brother Island can be accessed only by boat. VICE kayaked there

Broadsheet’s Melbourne Specialty Coffee Map 2013 (download it here).

Woman stabbed to death in LA after photographing panhandlers.

This is where payphones go to die in Manhattan.

OpenEmu is an open-source video game emulator for the computer.

LA’s 10 best coffee shops of 2013.

Ellen Page is naked in the uncanny valley.

Forest gallery selects from Cereal magazine.

Dan Raven’s amazing Flickr account of abandoned spaces.

Old photos of Michigan Central Station.

The Cord Minder.

Reframe is a new photo-centric blog from Gizmodo/Gawker media.

Is OSLOH the perfect bicycle jean?

The Vanamo Online Gaming Museum.

Recreating CMYK halftone printing by hand.

An abandoned building complex in Taiwan.

Dive the Great Barrier Reef on Google Maps.

Detroit’s 10-foot RoboCop statue is in progress!