When I moved to Los Angeles, one of the first things I became aware of was how vast the city really was. It was huge. Much bigger than anybody has ever really tried to tell me and certainly a huge difference from the rather small footprint of NYC. It was something I struggled with pretty much up until I moved out of LA; the fact that the city was just so expansive and everything was so far away (and of course, not to mention, that you had to drive everywhere to get somewhere).

So it’s really no surprise to me then that the filming locations in the movieĀ Her are also spread out all over Los Angeles. While the movie may make it seem like the characters are simply hopping from place to place in a matter of minutes, the reality is that it would takeĀ all day for you to do the same in real life. Not the biggest of problems, but definitely not the uber-enjoyable time you’d expect either.