Just finished this book on the life of Roy Choi called L.A. Son. The book chronicles the life (so far) of Roy Choi, chef extraordinaire and the founder of the infamous Kogi truck in Los Angeles, as he grew up in Korea and Los Angeles and honed his skills in the Midwest, Japan, and NY — and then of course, back to LA again. I had no idea this man had such a storied past and it certainly makes his food that much more colorful to know that behind the simplicity of the Korean food and tacos is a man who has worked with — and is ranked up there among — the best of the best of chefs around the world.

The book is an incredibly quick read due to the wonderful story-telling done by Roy and if you like food you also won’t be disappointed by the many, many, many recipes dispersed throughout each of the chapters.

Pick up L.A. Son today for just $18.