I’ve been saving this article for the moment when I finally get to enjoy a lobster roll again. It’s been a while since I last ate a lobster roll but this weekend reunited my taste buds with that delicious buttery roll and that savory lobster meat.

But did you know that lobster rolls have an incredible markup if you compare it to buying a lobster by the pound? This, of course, is to be expected since most people (like me) don’t want to beĀ on a boat catching their own lobster every time they want to eat one. And add on top of that the fact that like most things with a markup, what you’re paying for is not so much the food you’re having but the convenience of having it made for you so that all you have to do is eat. It’s gross negligence on our part on behalf of our own wallets, but considering how many hands lobster seems to go through from ocean to boat to shipping to restaurant, I guess 12 times the price isn’t so much to pay for keeping me on dry land.

What do you think?