What? I wasn’t aware that there were videos of the actual pool of water surrounding the rods from the former nuclear power plant.

Anyway, above is the trailer for a longer documentary about how the Japanese region is recovering since the devastating tsunami. If you are intrigued at all, the full documentary is posted after the jump (make sure you turn on subtitles though).

As of November 2013 Tepco has begun removing the spent fuel rods from their pool at Fukushima Daiichi. Due to the damage caused by the quake and subsequent Tsunami this is potentially a very dangerous process. If one rod were to break it could mean a large and dangerous spike in radiation in the area around Daiichi.

Vice revisits the home of Matsumura Naoto, although this time we brought Joe Moross with us, a member of the radiation data crowd sourcing group Safecast, who have worked tirelessly since 3/11 to assimilate and distribute accurate information on radioactivity from all over Japan.

Safecast has a serious interest in constantly covering the area around Daiichi during the period of fuel rod removal but has limited resources to do so due simply to the lack of people living within a useful range. For this reason we introduced Joe Moross to Matsumura, so that Safecast could in install a fixed counter in Matsumura’s home which is a prime location that will allow Safecast to know if there are any sudden spikes in radiation during Tepco’s operation.

Matsumura is still steadfastly caring for his animals and his home has the appearance of a small zoo, cats, dogs and of course the famous Emu from Alone In The Zone were all present. Later in the day Matsumura took Yuka down to see and feed his cows whilst he reminisced about life in the Zone immediately after the explosion at Daiichi.