It’s time for me to declare tab bankruptcy again (I did one back in February). For those who don’t know, I took this idea from those who declare email bankruptcy in an effort to curb and clear their mind/schedules/inboxes/tabs from everything in order to start new. That’s me right now, and here we go!

All the links inside.

The real life locations that inspired Pixar’s Cars.

Placeit: A free tool that puts any screengrab on a variety of computers and smartphones.

What happens when somebody starts to freeze to death?

The Superdollar or Supernote is what the government considers the absolute best fake bank note, mostly coming from North Korea.

Hole-in-wall noodle bar is the cheapest Michelin-rated restaurant.

The math hidden in Futurama.

Make jewelry out of the destination points you’ve traveled to with Meshu.

Little Black Books look like great photo book alternatives.

The Sailing Ship Kite!

Animal New York on the resurgence of COST and graffiti in NYC.

A photo tour of the motels on Western Avenue in Los Angeles.

93 Dodge Vipers given to schools ordered to be destroyed — there’s video too.

Rare albino marlin caught on camera.

The Boston Globe’s impressive in-depth article on the Tsarnaev brothers and their family and what led to them bombing the Boston Marathon.

Warner Bros. logo evolution.

This is how that hole in coffee bags works.

There’s a theory that Andy’s Mom is actually Jessie’s previous owner named Emily. Could be true!

The Lake Placid Weekender Duffel bag from Hudson Sutler.

Photo from the LoC – Carnegie Survey of the Architecture of the South