I’ve posted about the Murray Hill Tunnel Station before and last night I got a chance to see it up close in person. It’s a relic of the past from when the Park Avenue Tunnel, which stretches from about 34th Street to 39th Street, was used as a trolley tunnel exclusively (from 1870 to 1935). Today, the tunnel is used as a one-way traffic detour for vehicular traffic to bypass surface streets, exiting on the north end at 40th Street.

If you drive through the tunnel you can still get a quick glimpse of this trolley station with the stairs leading to the surface via a closed hatch. There’s not much to see here unfortunately as it looks mostly like a point of connection for electrical units or some sort of infrastructure. Still, it’s pretty neat that the staircases leading up to the street are still intact (although I’m sure they are refurbished).