Nick Murray is having a hell of a lot of bad luck with a brand-new, recently bought Porsche 911 (purchased in Summer of 2013). The car he owns and drives right now has exhibited a number of problems out of the factory including short circuits, battery and engine failure, water leaks, and general reliability and build-quality issues. He has brought in his 911 about 6-7 times and each time Porsche tells him the car is in top-notch shape.

It’s gotten to the point now however that Nick is demanding that Porsche either give him another car of equal value to replace this one or refund the full price of this vehicle completely and call it done and over with. Unfortunately, it looks like Porsche North America is more interested in the profits than in the overall satisfaction and image of their brand not just with Nick but with other car owners as well. It’s really just an unfortunate situation that I think Nick may be right in demanding a refund. While his issues may not cover all 911′s in that year, it sure does sound like somehow he got the Porsche that slipped through the QC cracks at the factory.