One of the best public spaces in NYC (and the testing bed of a lot of urban redevelopment design) is home to Madison Square Eats for the month of May. The small event converts the busy triangle in front of the Flatiron Building near 25th Street into a bustling food center with some of the city’s best food offerings all in one place.

It’s not hard to get to and you really shouldn’t be missing out on this treat. Nearby is Madison Square Park, a beautiful space to play, sit, and enjoy art amidst a busy line of Shake Shack lines, dogs at the dog park, and kids playing at the playground. Madison Square Eats is perfect for friends and family with food for everybody.

Some of my favorite picks: Roberta’s pizza, Melt ice cream sandwiches, Red Hook Lobster, Pig and Khao, Doughnuttery, and Calexico.