I don’t understand how anybody can deny the fact that climate change and global warming is real. The situation should be bipartisan and yet it is not, with both sides bickering on whether or not facts are true or whether research done is reliable. It’s so stupid. Anybody who has lived a moment outside in the last few years will know that winters and summers do seem longer than usual, extreme weather conditions are more frequent, and more and more people each year are being hurt, killed, or displaced due to natural weather phenomenon. The ways in which we deal with climate change can be argued, but how can any logical person dispute the facts? It’s no longer a question of wheher or not climate change is real, it’s now become a matter of how we deal with climate change because it is real.

Anyway, the Third U.S. National Climate Assessment can be read in detail here. It’s broken down into easily digestible sections as to not confuse anybody.