For the past few weeks I’ve had the pleasure of keeping my iPhone charged fully with the Lumsing Power Bank. It’s a 10400mAh portable battery pack that comes in both white and black for just $22. That’s a great price considering the highest rated alternative comes from Anker for $36 and only holds 900mAh of charge.

So how does it hold up? Very well! The Lumsing version is made of sleek aluminum and plastic that measures 5.4 x 2.3 x 0.8 inches (relatively speaking, about the widths of 2 iPhone 5′s and only slightly longer than 1. The Lumsing Power Bank comes with 2 ports, 1 with 1A output and the other with 2.1A output — specifically made for either the iPhone or iPad respectively, allowing for optimal charge times depending on the product you want to charge.

Operation is as simple as pushing the power button the Power Bank to turn it on and once you deplete the power in the Power Bank, you can charge it back up with any micro-USB power source (either from a power adapter of your choice or a computer). It comes with a micro-USB cord in case you don’t already have one and includes a soft carrying case (which I didn’t care to use for the battery, but it was a nice touch to include for those who are meticulous about keeping their gear in the best condition).

Overall, I would highly recommend this to others especially since it’s only $22. For the iPhone user like me, it provides anywhere between 6-7 charges before being depleted. Form factor is fantastic and I really don’t have any qualms at all about using this every time I’m out for long periods of time and away from an outlet.