My good friend Albert Cheung just posted some great photos of the new Magnum Photo Agency camera bag line made in conjunction with Filson. The collection consists of a modest collection of bags ranging from slings to backpacks to totes, all made of course to Filson’s exceptional quality from 117 years of rugged bag-making and clothes-making experience. Shown here is the Harvey camera bag with room for a 15″ MacBook Pro, a DSLR, and one or to small lenses. Excellent for carrying the daily essentials that allow you to shoot and edit on the go.

But perhaps the best thing about this is that it looks like most Filson bags on the market — tough, rugged, and made of waxed fabric that disguises the interior contents well without advertising to the world that you’re carrying expensive gear (at the end of the day, I love that this camera bag doesn’t look like a camera bag). Oh, and when you don’t need to carry your camera, just take out the camera insert!

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