I’m a messy eater and drinker, and since a lot of my day to day activities involve being near my MacBook Pro, I was finding it more and more necessary to buy myself a keyboard cover in order to minimize damage (should it happen) and just overall dirt. I’ve had a keyboard cover before but it was one of those that I bought off eBay that really weren’t that great. I looked everywhere for reviews and spent probably more time than I should have on researching this, but many others, and now myself included, have vouched for these KB Covers ClearSkin Keyboard Covers (I know, that was a confusing name).

They are ultra-thin and a perfect fit on my MBP model. Of course, with any keyboard cover, tactile feedback from the keyboard keys is going to be diminished, but with the KB Covers one, at least it’s the least amount of distraction from regular typing. We’ll see how long this lasts.

If you want one, check it out in the link below (or here: KB Covers ClearSkin Keyboard Cover).