I’ve been using FastCustomer a lot lately to reach customer service reps at various companies. I hate waiting on hold so much that sometimes I won’t contact a company at all even if I have an issue or problem with one of their products. It’s a bad situation that is probably good for them (because that’s one less complaint), but sometimes I really do need to contact customer service/support for an issue. In those instances, FastCustomer has come in handy because instead of having me wait on the phone, they do the waiting for me, even navigating the phone trees (if there are any) and calling me back just as I’m about to have my call answered.

It’s successful so far and I haven’t had any disconnects whatsoever (I’ve called PayPal, Amazon, and USPS with it). It’s free and available for all major smartphone platforms and they have a whole list of active companies that work. Try it.