There’s a pretty fantastic article over at The Verge published earlier this year about the¬†booming deer population in Staten Island. For a borough of New York City with no major natural connection to any other landmass, Staten Island seems like an odd place for deer to call home, let alone grow into epic numbers. And yet, that’s what’s been happening over the course of the last few decades. According to the article, there’s been a whopping 3304% increased in deer population in just 6 years in Staten Island. There’s even been some video of deer crossing¬†Arthur Kill from New Jersey to Staten Island. It’s just a weird story all around for a city like ours and the situation has lately gotten so out of control that the city has set up the NYC Interagency Deer Management Task Force to figure out how to remove, kill, or subdue the increasing population of deer before it gets too dangerous or unsustainable.

You can read the article here.