If you haven’t heard, Hillary Clinton is currently embroiled in a political scandal involving her disregard in using government email accounts to conduct government business. This is cause for much concern since the whole point of government emails is to make sure that a trail can be made/read/obtained in regards to government business. Hillary’s use of private email accounts (and even a privately set up email server) immediately makes is suspect that she may be hiding something (even if she isn’t).

The Verge has a thorough article stating in no uncertain terms that there was no reason for Hillary Clinton to use private email in government business.

Before I was a career fed at an agency, I was a political appointee at the White House — a staff constantly under scrutiny from the press, more so than most of our non-political colleagues. Because of that pressure, we invoked the “Washington Post test” nearly every day. How would you feel if the email you’re writing showed up on A1 of the Post? Did someone send you an email saying something you were uncomfortable with? Respond in writing making it clear you disagree. Did someone ask you over the phone to do something you’re even remotely uncomfortable with? Ask them to put it in writing — in email.

Since this all broke, Hillary and her aids have handed over plenty of emails to the State to release to the public, but at this point, the concern is that there may have been emails deleted prior to being handed over. Yikes.