I dug this photo up in my archive. It’s a photo taken in April of 2002 at my former apartment where I had the brilliant idea 12 years ago to start a website. This was before the term “blog” was mainstream and before I even had a smartphone. This was also the time when having […]


It’s time for me to declare tab bankruptcy again (I did one back in February). For those who don’t know, I took this idea from those who declare email bankruptcy in an effort to curb and clear their mind/schedules/inboxes/tabs from everything in order to start new. That’s me right now, and here we go! All […]


I use this amazing Chrome browser extension called OneTab that really makes loading and start-up time in Chrome a pleasant experience. The problem with this however is that when I fall behind on posting (as I tend to do on a regular basis), I simply hit the OneTab button and all of my currently opened […]

Every year on this date, I reflect on the amount of time I’ve wasted (spent?) updating this blog over the years and every year I conclude that it’s been worth it! If you recall, Doobybrain turned 10 last year. And the year before that, it turned 9. And the year before that, it turned 8. […]

Before the internet, April Fools’ Day was a bearable “holiday”. But with increasing annoyance every year, the internet becomes absolutely unusable on April 1st, so today, I am not going to post anything.


Not really a redesign since I didn’t design it. Just a theme change that puts content and video up front. For you RSS readers though, this is going to break things so you’ll have to go off of post titles only (I usually make them quick, short, and relevant to the post anyway so you […]