Category: Lettering

Want to see some truly amazing penmanship? Check out Jason Carne’s portfolio of work that includes a good number of hand-drawn signage and lettering.


Drew Melton designed his own wedding invitation to look like a very ornamental newspaper ad. It’s filled with little details that makes you want to look at it with the newspaper right up to your nose. Really awesome. Check out some images inside and the sketches for this at Drew’s website.


Remember the Sign Painters documentary trailer I posted earlier this week? Well, it turns out that Faythe Levine and Sam Macon have also published a book to go along with the film. The book has the same name as the documentary and can be purchased right now for just $15 (whereas you’ll have to wait a […]


I’ve posted a good number of sign painting videos here on Doobybrain and now this new one from Faythe Levine and Sam Macon looks to be the first full-length documentary to feature the incredibly talented artists behind the signs. Working in both large and small formats, these sign painters have seen people move towards crappy […]