Category: Lettering

Look at this! Beautiful! In case you missed it, I posted an amazing photo by Frank Hurley earlier today inside a cavern carved out by the sea in Antarctica.


I really love the curvaceous type on this bottle of Crazy Uncle cocktail. It’s designed by TAXI and comes in at least 2 other flavors. ᔥ The Dieline

If you miss the 90s, then Opening Ceremony is about to make you very happy with their DKNY capsule collection pulled straight from their 90s catalog. I love the black and white promo video they made for it.


I just discovered this Tumblr called Type Fight that pits two letters from different font families against and then asks you to pick the best. A fun game, but it looks like the site has stopped updated as of last month. Here’s hoping it starts up again!


A fantastic online portfolio of hand-drawn letters and type by Sean McCabe. Just about every single one is done with a black fine-tip marker. Impressive!