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If I ever need proof that time really does indeed pass fast when I’m having fun, I’ll try to remember this moment. Has it really been almost a month since I ventured onto a plane and landed myself in Spain? I can hardly believe it because it still seems relatively fresh in my mind — […]


I’m back from a weekend camping in Wharton State Forest. Had a great time with friends and just being outdoors. I had an interesting experience getting to the campsite which I’ll probably write about another time. But man…overall, very exciting (in a weird way), and lots of fun. MORE PHOTOS INSIDE!


You might have noticed that it was a bit quieter than usual here on Doobybrain in the past week. That’s because I took a vacation to Barcelona, Spain. I am back now though and am slowing catching up on the week I missed…stay tuned.

I filmed these videos and put them together last night. Eerie how it’s so empty on a Friday night.