Category: Playing Cards

Whoa! These finally came in this week and they are beautiful! It’s the 2nd official deck of United Cardists forums (the first deck is here).


I don’t own these currently but I might just add them to my collection soon.


Cellar Window’s Fuego playing cards, inspired by the Day of the Dead, are now on Kickstarter! Check them out!


How can you go wrong with $6.99 playing cards that look great? You can’t. So why don’t you pick up these Sleepers playing cards from Ellusionist! Completely custom cards (front and back) and ultra-smooth finish for card games, tricks, or flourishes.


A huge thank you to CBJ from United Cardists who found and sold me these rare playing cards! As you can tell from the name, these two decks complete the trio of cards from Distinct Life that I already own. So happy!


NEW NEW NEW. I still want them to release the individual decks from their Prohibition set though.