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I fully support Hack College and their goal of informing all college students on how to work smarter while in school. Things like how to smartly manage money, how to use a fan properly, and which subreddits to follow should be a good read for people both in college and out of college.

A simple math lesson by Christopher Danielson on the value of 1 and how it changes depending on the unit of measure. I just really like this because the video is cool and I wish I had this when I was in elementary school math class.

Kio Stark is enlisting the help of the internet to help her fund a book she’s researching and writing called “Don’t Go Back To School: A Handbook For Learning Anything”. It talks mainly about how people can learn independently either just as good or better than if they went back to an educational institution for […]

I’m really enjoying these Education First videos in their Live The Language video series on study abroad experiences. Vancouver looks like a fun place.

This video for Education First (EF) is part of their study abroad promotional material for Los Angeles. Superb! There are so many more of these too!