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I wouldn’t necessarily label these new C-Series New Balance sneakers “cycling shoes”, but hey, they do the job I guess.


It’s 2015, which means that the future is right now. At least according to Back To The Future. And other than the Hoverboard, what better tech represents the future from the movies as Nike’s self-lacing shoes that Marty McFly wears. The so-called Nike MAG is supposedly being released this coming year, according to Nike designer […]


HEY HEY. New Balance is going real retro with these ’90s M530′s. So awesome.


Something odd happened this year with L.L. Bean’s classic Bean Boots. If you go on their website and try to buy one, you’ll see that just about all of the variations are backordered until sometime next year (March at the earliest as of this post). Why is this? ConsumeristĀ thinks it might be a fashion trendĀ that […]