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After today’s high-profile hack of the AP Twitter account which was then used to disseminate false news of an attack on The White House (which then sent stocks plummeting sharply), I wonder why Twitter isn’t putting two-step verification at the forefront of its service. It feels like these hacks are becoming more and more common […]


The Associated Press’ Twitter account was hacked earlier today and has since been suspended after a false report of an attack on The White House. The false report caused stocks to go into a steep decline briefly. Can somebody explain why this happens?


This app is a massive suggestion algorithm for music artists. Kind of odd. But I like that it plays well with my Spotify account.

Dang, I can’t believe I’ve pretty much been with Twitter since the beginning. I remember almost all of this stuff from 2007 and on.


If you were one of the lucky 250,000 Twitter users today who got an email from Twitter saying that your password was reset, here’s what you need to know (straight from Twitter). I can imagine scammers taking advantage of this situation and sending out their own Twitter password reset emails, so just be mindful that […]

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So glad that Twitter finally gave me the option to download my tweet archive. Now I’ll be reminded everyday of the mundane things I used to tweet about a year ago. On another note though, I love how Twitter formats the archive as a webpage. It makes it a lot easier to browse.