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Look at what got a major facelift today! The Internet Archive! Endless hours of fun and discovery!

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This is so great. I remember when Amazon looked like this. Check it out, presumably for today only.

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This is nice. A place to feel good about the internet for once. Get some virtual hugs here.

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Have you seen the new It’s great! Clean, simple, and optimized for any screen size.

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Give and receive the gift of Amazon Prime for $72, today only! If you’re already an Amazon Prime member, you can buy it now at this incredibly low price (it’s normally $99) and set a future date for delivery when your current Amazon Prime ends. Get Amazon Prime One-Year Membership now for just $72!

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Why hasn’t anybody told me about Hipmunk before? It seems to be one of the better airline flight search engines around (maybe after Google Flights) and combines flight alerts with flight searches (something that I had to do from two separate sites previously).