Tag: 1 second

Sam Cornwell took a lot of videos of his newborn son, Indigo. For his son’s 1st birthday, Sam stitched some of those clips together and made this: A video showing 1 second for each day of Indigo’s life.

A beautiful profile of New York City, made in a series of 1-second shots.

2012 in 366 Seconds from James Bernal on Vimeo. Here is James Bernal’s 1-second-a-day video from 2012.

2012. 366 days. 366 seconds. from Jonathan Britnell on Vimeo. A wonderful video from Jonathan Britnell showing off 1 second from every day of his past year (2012).

1 Second Everyday – Age 30 from Cesar Kuriyama on Vimeo. Like the video above? Then you’ll be happy to know that Cesar Kuryiama has a new app out that lets you splice together 1-second videos of every day into a longer video. While it may not produce a very likeable video to anybody except […]