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This is spectacular television. Joseph Gordon-Levitt has been collaborating with strangers on the internet to make short videos on his YouTube channel hitrecord¬†and now it’s a full television show, with 8 full episodes, each with its own theme. The first episode fittingly, is all about the number ONE. Such a great show! Watch the full […]

PetaPixel posts this touching story from Beau Maher of James Fabri, a photographer from Perth, Australia who does what he loves using only 1 eye. He lost the eye at the age of 13 after battling a series of surgeries and complications and this is his story of coming out of that experience with a […]

The Wizard of Oz experiment from Dennis Neuschaefer-Rube on Vimeo. An interesting project from Dennis Neuschaefer-Rube where he plays the Wizard of Oz film 5829 times simultaneously with each frame being 1 second off from the previous. [via]

PWAHAHAHAHAHAAHHAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA forever. It’s like California knew to release this video on the day I arrived to tell me not to move to Koreatown.

A simple math lesson by Christopher Danielson on the value of 1 and how it changes depending on the unit of measure. I just really like this because the video is cool and I wish I had this when I was in elementary school math class.