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I dug this photo up in my archive. It’s a photo taken in April of 2002 at my former apartment where I had the brilliant idea 12 years ago to start a website. This was before the term “blog” was mainstream and before I even had a smartphone. This was also the time when having […]

Wow. Mike Sui does an excellent job here playing 12 different men with different languages and accents, all speaking a bit of Chinese in between. Thanks Teri!


Hello boys and girls! Look! You can get a case of 12 Nutella and Go packs for $33 on Amazon! YUM!

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Photo of Hasselblad 500EL/M by NASA What I learned today: There are currently 12 Hasselblad cameras sitting on the surface of the moon. Do they just leave them there on purpose? I wonder what condition they are in now (probably the same because nothing deteriorates in space right?).