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No surprise here I suppose since the new MacBook Pro is made almost exactly like the generation before it, complete with non-upgradeable SSD and RAM.

I have a feeling that this is the last great laptop Apple will make with the MagSafe connector. I love this MagSafe but all signs point towards Apple abandoning it with a USB-C connector in all future laptops. Great overall review here. Watch it.

This video was originally titled “13 Obscure New York Things You’ll Actually Miss When You Leave NYC”.

Tezuka Osamu’s experimental films have just been uploaded to YouTube and some of them like this one here is pretty great. In this one called “Jumping”, a young girl jumps and with each jump gains a farther distance until she jumps into war-torn Japan. Classic animation with a simple story. Love it!

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I tend to trust Gizmodo on this sort of thing. It turns out the new Apple MacBook Pro 13″ with Retina Display isn’t really that great. Factor in the extremely high price and you have an absolutely terrible deal altogether.