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Photo: NYC Municipal Archives Wow, the Red Hook Grain Terminal which stands abandoned today in Red Hook remains largely unchanged from its appearance in the 1930s. As you might recall, I ventured into the abandoned Red Hook Grain Terminal back in 2009.

There’s a small community of people that really love old elevators on YouTube. They will go and seek out beautiful working lifts still in good working order from the early 1900′s and basically just film themselves riding it up and down. It’s sort of funny when you think about it but it’s also quite beautiful […]

For the holiday season, the NYC MTA brought out some of their older still-working fleet of trains to get people excited about riding the Subway. This particular train rode on the IND lines during the 1930′s. I like the oldies music playing on the platform (although I’m not so sure that was part of the […]

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For Summer 2010, PF Flyers digs back into its roots and reissues some of the classic styles that brought the shoe company success. Five of their best lo-top sneakers — Sumfun, Center Lo, Vantage, Albin, and Number 5 — have been re-released with careful attention to detail to make sure they look like genuine products […]

This is video archive gold right here! BB has come across a striking video of Helen Keller and her teacher Anne Sullivan as Sullivan explains how Helen Keller learned to speak despite being deaf and blind. This newsreel was taken in the 1930′s.