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Video of Los Angeles in 1978

A silent film. A few major differences with downtown, but overall, Los Angeles hasn’t changed a whole lot from what I can tell. Prove me wrong with your knowledge of LA history in the comments below.

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Lost City digs up this historical photo from circa 1978 of famous Chinatown, NY eatery Big Wong around the time when it first opened. Not a lot has changed about Big Wong’s outwardly appearance except for a new sign and the disappearance of the Chinatown telephone booths right outside. That big window looking into the […]

Sullivan & Marks graphics demo reel 1978 from Jeff Doud on Vimeo. WOW. This is my new favorite video.


Photo: Jeffrey Scales/HSP Archive Lens has a very rare look at some photos taken in 1978 by Jeffrey Henson Scales during an album cover shoot for “Destiny” by the Jacksons. Scales talks about what it was like to shoot the Jacksons — specifically Michael Jackson — and how Michael Jackson’s life was spent almost entirely […]