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What? I had no idea that the minivan was an American invention. I guess it just never occurred to me that Chrysler would be the brains behind it. Anyway, happy 30th birthday minivan.

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I saw this book cover over at Kottke and was completely taken aback by how brilliant it is considering the book genre. The cover was designed by David Pearson and actually has the name of the book imprinted in black in the black bars (you have to tilt the book to properly see it). Otherwise, […]

The Compact Disc (CD) celebrated its 30th birthday this past week. Originally introduced October 1, 1982, the CD went on to quickly overtake cassettes and vinyl records as the medium of choice for music listeners. Its reign held on well into the 2000s and although CDs are obviously still being sold now, increasingly the CD […]

Us Weekly magazine has exclusive video of a never-before-seen 1984 Pepsi commercial rehearsal mishap that left Michael Jackson with 2nd and 3rd-degree burns to his head and face. Although purely speculation at this point, many are saying that this was the event that may have caused Michael Jackson to be addicted to prescription drugs.