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Wow, I never connected that the guy in The Walking Dead was in Love, Actually.


Got $20 to spend on a single $2 bill?  Sure you do! Here’s a $2 bill layered with 22K gold!

A film that uses the humble #2 pencil as the basis for letting people’s creative sides take their own course so that people can work, stay in business, and make new things. Beautiful motion graphics.

This is so funny. Cell Phone Crashing 2 youtube.com/watch?v=Z9KHqk… — Graham ‘Logo’ Smith (@imjustcreative) November 9, 2012

A hilarious follow-up to the first How Asians Drive video.

It’s not yet known why there were 2 people on the tracks, but last night (early this morning) a CSX train derailed near Baltimore and fell onto several parked cars in a parking lot adjacent to the tracks.