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This video really puts things into perspective by showing what 2000 calories looks like and then comparing those calories as food to each other. Your recommended daily servings need adjusting if you find any of these examples normal behavior.

OMG. This man owns an insanely organized and complete collection of highly sought after and rare Nike collectible sneakers. There are over 2000 pairs in this so-called ShoeZeum. The 11-minute video above gives you a tour of the place and I have a feeling that it does this place no justice at all. I need […]


Photo by Vincent Laforet After seeing the video of the guy climbing to the top of a transmission tower to repair it, Vincent Laforet recounted a similar experience

The decade according to 9-year-olds from allie garcia on Vimeo. Allie Garcia put together this interesting and thought-provoking video about what life is like for this upcoming generation. The kids interviewed here were all born in 2000, right in the heart of the internet boom when technology and communication were rapidly changing. Technologies that may […]

Newsweek put out this 7 minute video summing up the entire decade. Pretty darn comprehensive. [via]