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Come this March, OWC will officially unveil their 3.5″ SSD which packs a whopping 2TB of storage space at breakneck speeds. Expect it to be a gazillion dollars.

Yes folks, the world’s most expensive desert is just a bunch of chocolate, gold, caviar, and diamonds. One little detail to note though: The desert needs an actual buyer before it an officially officially be named the world’s most expensive desert.


I love this image of 35 space helmet reflections from 3 Ton Gallery that Might & Wonder posted.


I’ve posted stuff from ANTREPO before (containers and movie posters) and now I’m doing it again because this one is too good to pass up. For $120, you can buy a limited edition set of 4 posters that illustrate how many 3.5″ floppies it would take to hold today’s software. As an example, ANTREPO has […]