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Feeling close with nature? Get even closer with this three soap set from Izola featuring a scent made from olive oil, cocoa butter, shea butter, and all-natural vegetables. Seriously, it’s like rubbing yourself with the whole outdoors. You can get the 3-soap set for just $18 at Anthemwares.

These 3 films here were commissioned by STA Travel Australia to show just how much fun at least one person (Andrew Lees, the guy featured in the videos) can have while traveling the world. The last video posted here is particularly neat.


I’ve never been real keen on running shoe design. First of all, I hardly run and when I do I’m sure I look absolutely ridiculous. Secondly, I don’t run, so I don’t see a big reason to buy a shoe designed for running comfort. Walking is fine for me. However, after watching this video Core77 […]